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The Fox Series- Legal Suspense Thrillers

crazy fox

Crazy Like a Fox
Deni Starr

Coming back from a severe depression from the death of her partner, Silver Volpes takes on a hopeless legal matter since there is no way for her depressed state to damage the client, a captured escapee. Since Reynard Windsor was doing a life sentence for murder when he and another convicted killer escaped from a medium security prison in a remote location, the only question seems to be whether or not he will spend the rest of his life at a maximum security prison, or a supermax.

What keeps the case from an immediate resolution is the district attorney’s demand that Windsor name all the people who helped him and his partner escape, which Windsor says he’ll help with, if he can remember what his now dead partner told him. The clues he feeds to Silver in this regard lead her into something far more sinister than a mere escape plan and all of a sudden, old bodies start to disappear as new ones stack up and Silver has to figure out why before someone makes sure her client never tells what he knows.

This story is ripped from the headlines of several years ago and the first draft is nearly done.

Quick Like A Fox
Deni Starr

jubitz truck stopSilver gets and loses a client with multiple murder charges in less than a few days. She is originally assigned to represent a truck driver who left a locked truck filled with undocumented workers in a hot parking lot until most of them died. Less than twenty four hours after he bails out, he is dead himself, having apparently committed suicide. End of Story. Not quite.

Her client had told Silver he had no idea his cargo was people, he thought he was simply smuggling untaxed goods for someone he didn’t know, who paid cash. The person who bailed him out of jail gave a phony name, phony address and phony phone number. The circumstances of the “suicide” don’t add up, and when she was busy discovering her client’s dead body, someone else was tossing her office and her home. Now she has to solve these multiple murders on a case that doesn’t legally exist.

This work is in the outline stage.

The Remarkable Transformation of Mrs. Robert (Edna) Brown and Her Dog, Scout
Deni Starr

A Romantic Caper

alaskan huskieEdna’s life circumstances have reached the point where everyone in it seems to have mistaken her for a doormat. She is routinely belittled at the law firm where she works as a paralegal. Her second husband is cheating on her. Her pastor exploits her and the other women who volunteer for the church.  Her teenage daughter despises her and her young son needs a father she can’t provide. Staying trapped in her job and loveless marriage seems the only way she can keep the house for her children until they leave for college, something she probably won’t be able to afford.

All that changes when her husband sends her across the mountains to pick up his mother for a Christmas visit. She heads out with their beautiful Siberian husky, Scout, and almost no provisions since her husband tells her the weather is fine, he being too indifferent to actually check. A snowstorm puts Edna and Scout in a white-out and an avalanche shoves the car off the road and down and embankment. They spend three days in the snow, but survive and are rescued in a large part due to Scout’s good sense and keen nose.

milk boneWhen a dog biscuit company finds out that she lived off of their dog biscuits, they offer her a huge sum to be allowed to use her adventure to endorse their product and she returns from her trip with a new found sense of confidence, a new companion husky for Scout, her beloved mother-in-law and ten million dollars

She turns her workplace upside down, hires an promoter to revitalize her husband’s career so she can divorce him once he is successful again, dangles money in front of her children’s father to get him to spend some time with his kids, whom he finds he actually enjoys, pulls a fast one on the pastor for a service, and gets him sent off to Africa on a mission, creates her own career, saves her daughter from an abusive boyfriend, and falls in love, advising people who need to make a big change in their lives to get a dog.

The first draft of this work is about 70% finished.

Arsenic And Old Man Lacey
Deni Starr

A Mystery Psycho-Drama

The country is recovering from the civil war and Sheila’s older brother, a lawyer, agrees to defend a man accused of war crimes against Union Soldiers while in charge of a prisoner of war camp. A legal defense witness includes Philip Palmer, a physician from Atlanta’s hospital who testifies, with the aid of his sister’s photography, that no food or medical assistance was available for Confederate soldiers, much less enemy soldiers. Sheila falls in love with him and they marry, and Phillip settles down to a life as a small town general practitioner. All goes well for a few years, and then Colonel Lacy’s wife dies and Phillip pronounces her death to be due to arsenic poisoning.

Immediately after Phillip drops this bombshell, Shelia discovers that he has turned into his twin sister, Margo, the photographer. His uncle, an alienist, explains to Sheila that during the war, Phillip’s life was so stressful that after an unsuccessful suicide attempt, he started having “psychogenic fugues” times when he was psychologically not himself. After the war, he and his twin sister, Margo, documented post-war atrocities, and while doing so, Margo was shot by a sniper and when Phillip operated on her, he botched the operation and killed her. Unable to accept the fact of his sister’s death, he becomes Margo from time to time to perpetuate the illusion that she is alive.

red headMargo’s explanation to Shelia is different. She is really the ghost of Margo who takes over for Phillip when stress causes him to “need a respite.” But of course, his timing is awful because the colonel has been arrested and charged with murder, and only Phillip knows how he managed to poison his wife, which, given the circumstances, seem impossible.

Margo and Shelia have two mysteries to solve, how to prove the colonel is a killer, which they are convinced of since they find he has a history of marrying rich wives who all die of stomach illnesses, and they have to determine what event was so unacceptable to Phillip, and its not the wife-murder, to cause him to have to leave, and get these solved before the trial starts.

This work is in the research stage.

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